No one is quite certain where “Bruce” actually came from, or whether or not he is even truly human, as the fossil record is inconclusive in this regard. There have been unsubstantiated sightings of him posted on the internet over the years in various conspiracy newsgroups. Rumors abound of “Bruce” playing guitar, bass and harmonica with various cover bands all the way from Rutgers University to the Catskill Mountains
of New York. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen him perform with the original rock band MAJESTY all throughout the 1990’s, and some of these witnesses have even produced recordings of MAJESTY with his name in the credits. Experts believe these to be clever forgeries.
   “Bruce” is believed to have joined IRONHORSE because it allows him to make sounds in front of total strangers without receiving those odd looks he used to get when making random noises in the library parking

 “Bruce” lives alone, except for the 37 cats who share his studio apartment. He was reportedly last seen traveling on his motorcycle at an unreasonable rate of speed in order to “get home in time for The Simpsons.”

“Bruce” proudly plays and endorses “wooden” basses, strung with “metal” strings, and plays through “electric” (Hartke) amplifiers (thanks, Larry!)