Dave "Pops" SINGER

- LEAD, Slide, Rhythm Guitars, Flute, AND VOCALS

    Dave was born in Jersey City, NJ in 1958 and was raised in New City, NY. He started playing drums at age 10 and still drums today.  Dave was bitten by the guitar bug At 18 and HE usually won't go a day without playing a guitar. 

Dave's main squeezes are a 1980 Gibson Les Paul Standard(standard tuning), 1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom(standard tuning), 1971 Gibson SG Standard(open E) and a 1965 Gibson non-reverse Firebird(open G or standard tuning). His amps are A late '70s Marshall MkII 50W head into a 4x12 slanted cabinet that blasts band members and other victims.

Dave's musical influences range from Bluegrass/Celtic, jazz, swing to Black Sabbath with healthy doses of southern/country/blues/psychedelic/roots rock. When he's not playing music or riding his motorcycle he tries to keep his wife and three daughters happy. This is an impossible task, of course...